60% of all homeowners are underinsured

img_3I was driving home the other evening listening to the radio, and according to a recent study, 60% of all homeowners are underinsured on their homeowners insurance.  Most of the time, the homeowner has no idea until he or she has a major claim, and then it’s too late.  This scenario can be financially catastrophic for a family, as you can imagine.


That is why at Skylight Insurance, we offer every client an optional endorsement to their homeowners insurance policy that increases their dwelling coverage.  This endorsement is very affordable and can protect the homeowners against shortfalls caused by increased cost of supplies or labor, disposal fees, or other increases or unplanned expenses that can pop up in a major claim situation.


Help you client protect the home they just bought from YOU!  Send Skylight Insurance a referral today through our referral form on our website or send an email to quotes@skylightinsurance.com !

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